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Great Rides Out/ Girls Ride Out - Fun Under the Sun on a Mountain Bike


Frog Hollow and TrueGRIT were conceived as a way to build our cycling culture by bringing mountain bikers together, to improve our communities awareness of Mountain Biking and all its benefits, and to showcase the amazing terrain and extensive network of trails found in Southwestern Utah to new riders.

The events aim to create an alliance between local bike shops, trail advocates, and our local land managers. Working together we hope to develop a way to both maintain the trail network we have, but also to add to it and grow the opportunities. With these events we hope to move the Greater St George area from an untapped resource to a “RIDE CENTER.”

Using the funds that we raise each year from the generous donations of our participants and the assistance of IMBA, our local advocacy clubs can then partner with the BLM for additional matching grants that will go toward a new trail project each year.

And our grassroots efforts go further. As a means to embrace our local communities, including and especially those who are not avid cyclist, we are working with the local town of Hurricane who is providing volunteer coordination for our events. We will have youth from the local schools and churches that will do much of the work to build the new single track sections of the course. We will also have many of our non-cycling community members assisting with event details and on site race day.

Many of our sponsors are also local businesses who see a future in providing a good trail system as a legacy and that having a fun event like Frog Hollow will bring more visitors and enhance our community.

We are glad you are looking at our web site, and whether you plan to race in our events, volunteer, or sponsor them we hope you will know that your participation is much appreciated and we are glad you decided to be part of one of the most fun, exciting, and unique mountain biking endurance events in the US.


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